Autumn Leaves



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It all started in May 2012. The alternative rockband TekaTock was looking for a singer for quite a while. Sjoerd, the guitar player of the band, saw pictures of a singing girl on Facebook and decided to ask her to do an audition. Barely one week later, Nina became the lead singer of TekaTock. When a band rehearsal was cancelled somewhere in June, Nina and Sjoerd decided to make some music together that evening. The air was floated with chemistry! Autumn Leaves was born...

At first they translated TekaTock songs into acoustic, more approachable versions but after a while several covers took over the setlist. Recently it’s a nice mix of well-known covers that are wrapped up in surprising acoustic jackets and melodious and colourful self-written songs!

Besides the passion they shared for their music, they also fell in love with each other! Both of them had been active in the music scene for more than twenty years, but with the start of Autumn Leaves and the beginning of their relationship making music, writing music, doing everything with music was an everyday happening. After a couple of months Nina and Sjoerd bought a second hand caravan just for the purpose of rehearsing in the evenings and nights, cause not everyone was happy with the birth of this musical duo. The neighbours were relieved with this purchase and were able to hear their televisions and each other again. The caravan was always parked at a quit spot in the towns' forest or another deserted spot nearby.  After one year of practising almost every day, they started playing in bars, restaurants, small events, festivals, at weddings, art exhibitions, bbq’s and birthday party's

In November 2013 Autumn Leaves recorded their first EP 'Autumn Leaves' containing six songs, and in July 2017 their second EP 'Against the Grain' has been released containing five songs. The past years they have gained a lot of experience, played at many beautiful and awesome stages. Nina & Sjoerd were second at the singer-songwriter contest Ballads & Blues in 2016 and got to play at Biespop 2017 after winning the wildcard at the Biespop contest in de Oefenbunker in Landgraaf

Their self-written lyrics, accompanied by calm acoustic guitar music can be placed in the singer-songwriter category and their covers are very all round and well-known. They play easy listening songs as well as more up-tempo hits.   

Nina de Werk - Vocals/guitar/cajon                

Sjoerd Patzer - Guitar/vocals